How can power management IOT service help your company?

  • Better understanding of power usage throughout your facility
  • Learn where to improve power systems and machinery
  • Track both real time and historical data


Facilities managers are always looking forward to help save money and make facilities more efficient. Power management is an interesting for tracking how efficient your facility is running and reduce unnecessary power usage. They can do this by communicate with them allowing them to give you data like the smart meters in most modern homes. The key difference between them is that they can be set up to access a greater detail of information

Above is how Dajo solutions uses this data to track our own power system throughout our office to make sure we don’t leave test machines on unnecessarily and learn where and when we use the most power.


How could this help?

With power monitoring you can find where and when power is going during the day and night. In many companies overnight is place where unexpected losses via power use can be found with lights not being turned off or computers being left on. Also, since the portal to the information is on the internet it can be access  ed from anywhere with internet.


How else can you benefit?

This technology can also befit electricians and maintenance teams as if your power meter can monitor harmonics the IOT system could collect this information and provide it the user. This would allow the maintenance to better design the electrical system to avoid the system from things such as overheating and extra power consumption.