How DAJO is using IoT to save money for a customer

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  • What was the problem

  • New IoT Setup

  • Benefis


What was the problem:

One of our valuable customer has almost 2500 assets installed in different countries all over the world. Data from these assets is very important for them as they charge their clients based on the usage. They manually gather monthly data by making a remote connection by using a modem dialup software, they connect to the 2500 devices one by one and download data to a computer. Then someone has to combine that data and process it to make it useful. Then they have to input data into their Sage software. This process takes a long time and require great deal of efforts.


New IoT Setup:

We are now working with them to install IoT enabled devices on all sites. After this setup, the assets will be linked to a central portal via the mobile data network. Thanks to the IoT enabled devices, all data will be automatically collected and updated into the portal. Before this setup they could only gather data once a month but with new setup they can have latest information any time of the day. They will have better analysis and visualisation of the data. Alerts will be gathered and they will notified when certain data points are out of specifications.



The new system will be linked to their Sage software which will save their time & efforts to manually process and input data. This will drastically improves their efficiency and help them save cost. This will improve their billing process by avoiding any manual errors.